my cross

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There was a time when a cross was a just symbol to me. Now when I look at the cross, I feel pain, suffering, and humiliation that Jesus had to go through. I remember during pastor David's sermon, he said "when I look at the cross in the back of main worship hall, tear starts to drip". Well, I feel the same way. But I also feel the new creation, new life, our God's sovereign plan. In Matthew 16:24 says " Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." Todays christians tend to believe that once you become a christian, everything will go well and they will become rich, famous, and become healthy. During pastor David's sermon in the morning, he talked about difference between idolitry, and christian. People worship gods to gain wealth, fame, health and this is idolitry. But christianity is different. We believe in our God under any circumstances.We believe Jesus saved our soul, spirit, by dying on a cross with our sins. Then he arose from dead with new body. This is the reason why we worship him. No matter what situation you are in. If we get sick and if God doesn't cure us, does this mean he doesn't love us? What if we live poor? What if our family member dies? The answer is Immanuel ( God with Us). He is with us all the time. This is why we must be  glad and happy all the time. I pray our church members will rejoyce under any circumstances. I pray that everyone has personal relationship with God. I pray we love each other, and  pray for each other. We too, must take our cross and follow him. It's not a easy path. It's narrow path, but when you get to finish line, there will be joy. We will see the glory of God.



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잘보고갑니다. 모든 고난 뒤엔 반드시 소망의 빛을 주시는 주님을 바라봅니다. 이세상에서 명성을 얻기보다는, 돈을 얻기보다는, 주님보다 더좋게보이는 친구가없더라도...,나의가장큰 소망, 그것은 영원한 천국에서 주님이 우리를 맞이해주실것을 믿는것이지요. 거니한인교회 이지영 올림



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강단 맨 앞자리 그곳에 그자리에 항상 무릎끊어 주님께로 향하는 집사님을 뵐때 마다 은혜가 흘러 내마음을 적심니다. 주님 감사합니다. 집사님과 함께 사역하게 하심을......

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